Sacred Rituals Training Bundle

Deepen your existing circle practice, expand your understanding of circle work, and fine tune your offerings with these five powerful sacred concepts.

This is an opportunity to build upon the beautiful groundwork you’ve laid through the Sacred Circle Foundation program, or any other fundamental circle training, and confidently lead your tribe with new ways of listening, speaking, and witnessing others.

These specific learnings allow you to incorporate rituals, themes, ceremonies, and sacred rites of passage in a way that encourages greater healing and transformation.

Not only will you learn the potency and magic behind these five concepts, but you will also have the tools to create your own sacred rituals. A perfect solution if you are are looking for content to add to your next women’s circle.

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YES, I am ready to deepen into my Sacred Circle practice.

Two monthly payments of $197

One-time payment of $297

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5 Different In-Depth Circle Concepts

Sacred Goddesses
Sacred Moon
Sacred Elements
Sacred Ceremony
Sacred Wheel of the Year

SACRED MOON: Honor the magic of the moon, women's menstrual cycle, and the rhythms of the year.

Moon Phases
Menstrual Cycle
Yoni Devotion


SACRED WHEEL OF THE YEAR: Let us celebrate the wheel and learn about the different festivals of the year.

Samhain & Yule
Imbolc & Ostara
Beltane & Litha
Lammas & Mabon


SACRED CEREMONY: I am honored to share with you information on how I create a ceremonial experience.  

Despacho Ceremony
Cacao Ceremony
Personal Handfasting


SACRED ELEMENTS: Learn how to create rituals and circle based on the elements of Air, Water, Earth & Fire. Deepen into the relationship of all 4 elements along with Tarot, Astrology, the Seasons, Animal Medicine, Colors, and the Four Directions. 



SACRED GODDESS: Deepen your relationship with the Goddesses. Hear the stories, understand their archetypes, and witness their extraordinary ability to guide you into knowing your true essence. 

and so many more...



One-time payment of $297 (less than $60 per course)

Two monthly payments of $197 (less than $80 per course)


You’ll receive instant access to all downloadable training videos.

Cart closes on the New Moon (Tuesday, November 29th). This is your last chance to grab these goodies before they are retired in this format (no worries, I’ll continue to teach these concepts, just in a very different way).

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I can’t wait to share these fun and powerful trainings with you so you can continue to grow and thrive on your Sacred Circle Path.



Cart closes on the New Moon, Tuesday, November 29th.


***This gift is only available this month and will not be offered again.***